Early Tesla (like) concept car


Size : 8 ½” x 17’ x 19”

This vintage timepiece vehicle with all of the electronics and whistle is built of a wood base, baby buggy wheels, operational horn (turbo), bullet headlights, red diode tail lights, spark plugs, capacitors, built-in sprinkle system, Kelvin 24K-1%, Shallcross AKRA-OHM, plumbing connections, professional test driver, PSI pressure gauge, resistors, vintage gilbert clock dial, clock parts, bicycle gears, and a new quartz time clock. Most important and a very valuable addition is a vintage King George hood ornament. This requires a AA battery which is included.

These collections are a combination of vintage/found items turned into whimsical timepieces that bring back nostalgia for the good old days. I hunt for vintage-antique everyday items and electronic items that were in use 1890 to 1950 that I repurposed and up-cycled to be whimsical timepieces.  Timekeeping is as old as the industrial age and it measures how we spend our days.  I will locate and study an item for months before re-purposing and adapting it to a timepiece with an electronic clock.  The whole process is challenging and enjoyable.  They create smiles for my clients which brings me joy.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 17 × 19 in
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