About the Art

About the Art & the Artist

The art is watercolor, acrylic, or oil paintings and whimsical up-cycled time pieces by artist Fred Gregory. The art is original paintings and giclee copies of the originals and one-of-a-kind upcycled time pieces made from vintage, & antiqued parts and modern clock movements. 

The paintings are plein air (painted in the field or beach) paintings or studio paintings.  They range in size from small to large and the prints are giclee copies of the original paintings on various surfaces and sizes of the collector’s choice. The subject matter varies with location in the USA, Canada, French Polynesia , & Europe.The paintings are impressionist realism based on the artist impressions of the subject matter.

The artist Fred Gregory is California born, raised and college educated (Degree from Cal Poly @ San Luis Obispo in Architectural engineering).  Fred is married to his wife Linda and together they are blessed with 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Fred has worked as an Architectural/Civil engineer (17 years) and a real estate broker for (35 years).  All during these working years Fred has attended many workshops, seminars and private lessons in painting,  The repurposed-up-cycled time pieces are whimsical, one of a kind creations which serve two purposes.  They entertain and inform of the time together in a 3 dimensional way. 

All of Fred’s art is a reflection of his emotional response to the subject matter and his experiences and travel. After college Fred lived a year in Tahiti, 11 years in Northern California, and 40 years in Southern California (San Diego).  Fred has sailed, driving, flown, scuba dived, floated, power boated or hiked in the east coast, west coast, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Windward Islands, Jamaica, Mexico, Canada, Alaska and Europe.   Fred sailed for 40 years, scuba dived for 40 years, fly fished for 30 years, Bow hunted, made pottery and ceramics, organic gardened for 50 years and painted for 52 years.  His artwork is a documentation of those experiences and journeys. 



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